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"ADTA is a great place to hang out and learn about firearm basics as well as advanced skills. Learning is made much easier with like-minded people around. ADTA instructors are warm and welcoming, fostering an environment where fellow enthusiasts feel at home. I appreciate their enthusiasm in conducting scenario-based sessions for ADTA members. I absolutely recommend this place for anyone who wants to learn, practice, and grow in the defensive aspect of firearm usage."  -Sanjay (2024)

"I love having the opportunity to train with this group. I have found it to be a fun and convenient way to practice and maintain skills that are easy to lose/forget when just practicing on your own. The atmosphere is always welcoming and fun, with something new to take away from each practice session. Highly recommended!"  -Mike (2024)

"I joined ADTA after 20 years of carrying a handgun and attending many training classes over the years. Before ADTA the problem was that in between those expensive classes I wasn't getting any realistic practice. Going to the range and shooting in a lane just isn't preparing anyone for the reality of a self defense shooting. Over the last 10 years ADTA has given me the opportunity to train indoors on a regular monthly schedule. For the last few years I've taken on the responsibility to share with other members what I've learned though my experiences. Although ADTA works well for beginners, I've seen this club be the perfect fit for those that've had some training and ask themselves, now what? We get to move in the training bays, shoot from behind cover, shoot from unconventional positions and draw from the holster. This training and practice is so much more realistic than going to the static range  or competitive shooting. A bonus is getting to see many of the same members month after month and witnessing the growth in their capabilities."  -Brandon (2024)

"ADTA is an awesome organization to learn gun self defense.  The training they provide will help you get comfortable moving and firing a gun. I really like the two part training,  dry fire drills then live fire at the range. I highly recommend ADTA."  -Ken (2024)

"I already had some firearms experience.  I ran out of classes to take at the range, plus that gets expensive. I needed practice, but lane shooting got boring. I was looking for a place to get regular practice and continue training.  I found ADTA fit the bill perfectly.  Having an open bay to work in was a game changer. And, it’s inexpensive!  I had so much fun getting to know a regular bunch of folks. This is serious stuff, but the environment is welcoming, friendly and lighthearted.  I am now an instructor with ADTA and elsewhere. I continue with higher level training outside of ADTA and often share those skills back at ADTA.  ADTA has played a big role in my ongoing journey."  -Doreen (2024)

"In the six months I've been involved with ADTA I have learned so much. My personal shooting ability and confidence with my defensive hand gun has multiplied by many factors. The staff puts many hours of their time, putting together scenarios for each month class. Thanks you all for your sharing your training and knowledge with us."  -Kirk (2024)

"When I purchased a firearm a few years back, I was determined to continue firearm training beyond introductory courses. (What’s the use of a tool, if you don’t know how to use it?) But I needed more training on a continuing basis than an occasional 4-hour course. I shyly started attending ADTA’s dry-fire workshops and enjoyed the knowledgeable, friendly, safety-minded atmosphere that covers not only firearms, but layers of safety and occasional first-aid training. Eventually, with some reticence, I started the live-fire training. Sure, I had to step out into a new, awkward environment where my lack of skill was abundantly evident, but I had promised myself that if I was going to carry, I had to acquire necessary skills, so step out I did. This group is kind to beginners. The instructors are generously patient; have a welcome, lighthearted sense of humor; and other students are supportive and encouraging. In addition to new skills, the training challenges my brain to multitask under stressful situations – moving and shooting, managing a flashlight while changing a magazine, doing all the above with one hand. Kind of fun... And these skilled, patient instructors are teaching us for free!"  -Elizabeth (2024)

"As a Realtor and single mom, I understand the importance of safety in my 'at-risk' profession. Holding open houses in vacant properties for strangers can be unnerving. Equipped with tools like a bright flashlight and pepper spray, I sought additional training for added peace of mind. When I began shooting, my son was just 8 years old, and my determination to return home safely every night for him fueled my commitment to self-defense... ATDA provides a low-cost, supportive, and challenging environment that keeps my skills sharp and my confidence high. Their training helps develop muscle memory, ensuring I react instinctively in moments of panic. They reinforce the importance of awareness and avoidance as the first line of defense, empowering me to navigate potential threats with confidence... As a Realtor and mother, safety is paramount, and ATDA is an invaluable resource."  -Tina (2024)

"When I got my first pistol in 2019, I knew next to nothing about handguns. After trying range classes, and shooting on my own, I was lucky enough to find ADTA. This is one of the friendliest, and most affordable groups where I learned the basics of how to handle my handgun. Plenty of classes and instructors that are friendly and knowledgeable."  -Mariann (2024)

"There are no macho attitudes here, just a great group of like-minded, helpful, and respectful people with an eagerness to learn, share and practice skills of self-defense... Being an ADTA member has been a very exciting and thrilling experience for me as I’ve developed the skills and confidence to handle firearms."  -April

"I feel much more comfortable and safe using my gun, thanks to ADTA... ADTA takes you to the next level."  -Cindy

“I loved it! I will be back. It was not as scary as I thought. Once I was shown and confidence how to stand and line up my hand to the gun the kickback was not bad at all.”  -Tamie

“What’s not to love about it? We get help at all levels, real world type of training, and very passionate members. But I would have to say the best part is, even though I’m a woman, the men in this group treat me as an equal. They never talk down to me.”  -Stephanie

The relaxing and welcoming atmosphere made it fun, and the one on one instruction I received was extremely helpful. I really enjoyed working with (instructor) Wu because he was so gentle and very knowledgeable without being overbearing.”  -anonymous

“I learned from everyone that I worked with."  -Jennifer

“I love this group! Highly recommended.”  -Dana  




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