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What happens at an ADTA Dry-Fire Workshop?  Here's the story of a recent event in Federal Way.

Our Federal Way Dry-Fire (no ammo) workshops include both skills training and scenarios.  The photos below tell the story of an event at the Federal Way Senior Center on June 8, 2023.

Skills Training

Throughout the entire event our trainees participate in firearms skills training led by ADTA Instructor Wu Chin, using laser training pistols.

In this sequence he leads our trainees through our 5-Step Basic Holster Exercise.

The exercise begins with standing in a ready position, waiting for the instructor's command.  Keep in mind these are beginners and may not be doing everything perfectly.

Our instructor begins the exercise by calling out "Threat!" 

Then the trainees start drawing their guns from their holsters. 

Again, these are beginners, and not everyone gets everything right.  We are very forgiving about this, and correct them in gentle terms.  This is the time to make your mistakes and learn from them.

Now they have their guns drawn and are firing laser shots at the targets.

Our instructor reminds them the lasers are not there to act as sights, but rather to show them where their shot hit.

In other words, don't turn on the laser then drag the dot onto the target.  Instead, use the gun's sights to aim the gun before pressing the trigger.  Then the laser shows you where your bullet would have hit.

Indoor Scenario – Holdup at the ATM Machine

Our good guy (ADTA Instructor Jeff Bickford) approaches the ATM machine to make a transaction. 

A suspicious character (ADTA Instructor Wu Chin) move up a little too close behind him.

Our good guy exchanges words with the suspicious character, who then starts to draw his gun, clearly indicating his bad intentions.

Our good guy is also armed. When confronted with a drawn gun, he also draws his.

For a moment there is an apparent standoff.

Our good guy is the one quicker to respond.  He shoots the bad guy who falls to the ground.

At this point our trainee wanders into the scene.

She is also armed.  Seeing our good guy standing there with a gun, she draws hers.

Since she is not sure what is going on, she makes the assumption that the guy holding the gun is the bad guy.

Our good guy quickly convinces her not to shoot, and disarms himself by placing his gun on the table.

Indoor Scenario – Debriefing

What is the best way to respond to this situation? 

Our trainee's first choice was to confront the apparent shooter.  Another choice would be to leave the scene without doing anything. 

With our trainee's attention focused on the guy with the gun, there was the possibility that the bad guy on the ground might still be armed and able to shoot.

The conclusion?  There is no clear-cut best choice, and it is important to assess all the details visible in the situation.

Outdoor Scenario – Carjacking

Our trainee begins by walking toward his vehicle.

He reaches his vehicle and gets in.

Without warning, a crazy guy (ADTA Instructor Jeff Bickford) parked in front of him starts yelling at him.

How do we know he's crazy? It becomes apparent by the hammer he is holding in a threatening way, while yelling uncontrollably at our trainee.

For those of you who are very observant, you will also see another figure approaching behind the yellow car.

Turns out the guy in the hard hat (ADTA Instructor Jeremy Robinson) may not have good intentions.

He has drawn a gun that is now pointed at the crazy guy.

Is he there to rescue our trainee from harm?

Turns out that the hard hat guy does not have good intentions. 

He orders the crazy guy to move away, then points his gun toward our trainee in the vehicle.

Now it is apparent there is a carjacking in progress.

Our bad guy discovers our trainee has a gun, quickly disarms him, and orders him out of the vehicle.

Our trainee, now disarmed, is ordered to move away.

As our trainee walks away, the bad guy enters the vehicle and prepares to drive off.

Another successful carjacking at an ADTA training event! 

And we are pleased to report that no ADTA volunteers or trainees were harmed in the process!

Outdoor Scenario – Holdup at the Gas Station

We're at the ADTA Gas Station - cheaper than Costco!

Our trainee is at the gas station filling up his vehicle.

Our first suspicious character (ADTA Instructor Jeff Bickford) enters the scene.

He is talking on his phone in a loud and belligerent manner.  Clearly he is unhappy with someone on the other end of the call.

Notice our trainee has his attention focused on this person.

Next a drunk woman (ADTA Mentor Tina Rempel) comes stumbling into the picture. 

She is clearly a distraction, and our trainee will want to keep an eye on her.

Now a third character (ADTA Instructor Jeremy Robinson) appears.  He seems to be a workman concentrating on some paperwork in his hands.

Our trainee's attention is now focused on our local drunk and the guy talking loudly on his phone.

It appears our workman is no longer a part of the picture – or is he?

Suddenly the workman appears from behind our trainee's car, with his gun drawn.

Even though our trainee is armed, he has been caught by surprise, and wisely decides not to draw his gun.

Our trainee decides his best chance of survival is to just give up and hand over his wallet and valuables.

Outdoor Scenarios – Debriefing

At the end of the event, ADTA Instructor Jeremy Robinson provided a summary of the outdoor training scenarios.

He pointed out that we introduced multiple characters into the scenes for a reason.

As a trainee, you clearly knew something bad was going to happen to you.  But you didn't know which one of the characters involved was the actual threat.

In the final question and answer period, Jeremy  talked about what he calls "Threat 360 Awareness".

Put simply, this means staying aware of everything going on around you, no matter how confusing it may seem at the time.

This way you will be in the best position to successfully defend yourself.

Want to attend an ADTA Dry-Fire Workshop? 

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