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OUR Philosophy

Our mission:

  • We help people learn practical self-defense skills in a safe and supportive social environment.

What do we have to offer our members?

  • We offer defensive handgun training that helps you protect yourself and your family from life-threatening situations.

Who are our members?

  • Our typical member is someone who wants to continue learning defensive handgun skills to protect themselves and their families, and wants to maintain those skills through regular practice.

What makes our programs unique?

  • Not only do we offer defensive handgun training, more importantly we provide the opportunity to maintain those skills through regular practice at fun-filled events.  
  • Our New Shooter 101 Training Program lets beginners start with dry-fire training, then progress at their own pace to actual shooting.

What benefits do our members gain from our programs?

  • ADTA members enjoy shooting with protection-minded people at our fun-filled events.
  • ADTA members maintain their self-defense skills through regular practice.
  • ADTA members gain greater confidence in defending themselves and their families from life-threatening situations.

Our politics:

  • We are non-political by design, and do not endorse any political parties, candidates, or viewpoints.
  • We support the Second Amendment, and know the right to bear arms is an individual right.

Our core values:

  • We believe in the right to defend yourself and your loved ones against death or grave bodily harm.
  • We believe that using a firearm for self-defense should be your last resort, after all else has failed.
  • We believe that you must practice your self-defense skills regularly, or you will lose them.
  • We believe in the beneficial values of community service and personal growth through helping others.

About gun ownership:

About teaching vs. learning:

  • We try to avoid "teaching" our members.  
  • Instead, we prefer to "help them learn" through group participation and mentoring.

About practice vs. training:

  • Practice is when you exercise a skill  you already know.
  • Training is when you work on skills you have not yet mastered.
  • We encourage our members to do both, at least once or twice monthly.

ADTA relevance by gun owner motivation:

Info-graphic by Tony Wilson © 2020

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Armed Defense Training Association (ADTA)
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