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ADTA Shooter’s Checklist

ADTA Live-Fire Events Recommended Participant Equipment

1.   Always Bring

a.   Range bag appropriately-sized for the gear you wish to bring

Pro Tip: Label or tag your range bag with your name and phone number

b.   Eye protection (shooting glasses)

Pro Tip: If you wear prescription glasses, supplement with fits-over-glasses gear

c.    Ear protection (active, passive over-the-ear, or foam insert)

Pro Tip: Active, electronic over-the-ear recommended to easily hear instructions

d.   Hat/cap with a bill or brim (like a baseball or sports cap)

Pro Tip: Protect your head and the top of your glasses from hot brass!

e.   Closed-neck, comfortable shirt or tree

Pro Tip: Most of our shoots are indoors in a temperature-controlled room

f.    Strong-side, muzzle-down, firmly-shaped and secure belt holster for your firearm

Pro Tip: You must be able to safely re-holster your firearm with one hand

Appendix carry holsters are allowed after you demonstrate mastery with a strong-side holster.

g.   Stiff or sturdy belt

Pro Tip: Dress belts tend to stretch; nylon mesh or leather belts often work well

h.   Magazine belt pouch for (2) magazines for your firearm

Pro Tip: Put your holster on your strong-side hip, and mag pouches on the other

i.     Hard side case or zippered pistol pouch for your firearm

Pro Tip: At the event, only handle your firearm when directed by a range officer

j.    Primary firearm

Pro Tip: We typically use semi-automatic handguns for most of our practices

k.   At least two magazines for your primary firearm

Pro Tip: Save time; load magazines with rounds before arriving

l.     Ammunition for your primary firearm

Pro Tip: Check the event details, but typically bring 150 to 200 rounds

2.   Recommended to Also Bring

a.   Tactical flashlight and belt pouch

Pro Tip: Can be held in one hand easily, and operated with tail-cap button

b.   Light cover garment or zip-up jacket

Pro Tip: We sometimes include presentation from concealment; good to have!

c.    Secondary firearm

Pro Tip: This gives you an option if you have a problem with your primary.

d.   Extra Magazines

Pro Tip: Pack extra, loaded magazines in your range bag to save time

e.   Small selection of first aid supplies; adhesive bandages, wipes

Pro Tip: Small cuts and scrapes can happen; helps to be prepared

f.    If you’re an off-duty Safety Officer, have your vest and RSO kit in your car, just in case



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