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These are the ADTA Membership Terms, as amended March 10, 2013.  Acceptance of these terms is required prior to participating in any ADTA activity.  We recommend that you print out a copy of these terms for your records and reference; this is a legal agreement between you and ADTA.

1. Terminology

  • “ADTA” refers to the Armed Defense Training Association, an organization established in Washington state.
  • “ADTA activities” refer to events organized or conducted by the ADTA, including but not limited to membership meetings, board meetings, public presentations, public outreach events, speaking events, seminars, firearm range events (whether incorporating the discharge of firearms or not), and so forth.
  • “Participation” means attending, observing, taking part within, being present at, or acting upon the material from any ADTA activity.
  • “I”, “me” and “my” and similar pronouns all refer to you, whether as an ADTA member, ADTA membership applicant, ADTA event participant, ADTA event attendee, ADTA event observer, or in any other capacity. 

2. Eligibility

“I warrant that I am an adult, possess current and valid photo identification, may legally possess a firearm, and am physically and mentally able to safely participate in ADTA activities.  Should any of these conditions of eligibility change, I understand that it is my responsibility to promptly notify the ADTA, and to not participate in ADTA activities until I receive its official response and permission to do so.”

“I understand and agree that membership in ADTA and permission to participate in ADTA activities are subject to the sole and final discretion of the ADTA Board of Directors.”

3. Risk of Injury, Death, and Damages

“I understand there are risks involved in participating in ADTA activities.  I understand that there are risks involved in the exercise of material discussed, presented, or otherwise made available by the ADTA.  I understand that those risks may include (but are not limited to) personal injury or trauma (whether cumulative, acute, or chronic), my death, damage to my property, my loss of work, or prosecution for my inappropriate action; whether by gunshot, the negligence of others, faulty equipment, equipment failure, lighting conditions, excessive noise, distance to medical care, or any other cause.”

4. Participant Responsibility

“I accept, as my personal responsibility, my health and safety.  I agree that it is my responsibility to maintain a vigilance and awareness of hazards to my health and safety, and should I note unacceptable risks, it is my responsibility to bring them to the attention of other ADTA members, and to then either act to safely mitigate them or elect to depart from the ADTA activity.  I acknowledge and accept that venues, activities, exercises, and materials may have hazards of which I am unaware, and I elect to participate at my own risk and under my own responsibility for my health and safety.”

“I voluntarily assume full responsibility for any risk of loss, property damage or personal injury, including death, that may be sustained by me, or any loss or damage to property owned by me, as a result of my participation in these activities, whether caused by my own negligence, other parties, or otherwise.”

5. Capacity

“I certify that I am physically and mentally able to safely and responsibly participate in ADTA activities, have not been advised to the contrary, and have no cause to believe otherwise.  In the event my capacity to safely participate in ADTA activities is impacted or compromised, I will notify the ADTA and will not participate in ADTA activities until I receive its official response and permission to do so.”

“I agree to not participate in ADTA activities if I am (or have cause to believe I may be) under the influence of any substance, drug, or other medication that may impact my ability to safely and responsibly participate.”

6. Emergency Medical Consent

“In the event I am incapacitated or otherwise unable to give my consent should I experience a medical emergency, I hereby authorize emergency medical treatment to be rendered upon me, and I further authorize trained health care providers to administer routine and/or emergency medicines as they may deem necessary.”

7. Hold Harmless

“I voluntarily elect to participate in ADTA activities.  In consideration for permission to participate, I assume all risks associated with these activities and shall indemnify, waive, release, and forever discharge and hold harmless the ADTA, its members, its directors, its executives, its employees, and any other individuals or entities connected in any way to ADTA from any and all claims for damages, death, personal injury, property damage, litigation costs, or attorneys’ fees arising from, attributed to, or contributing from, in whole or in part, any act, omission, fault or error of these persons or entities.”

8. Media Consent and Release

“I accept that the ADTA documents its activities, and that documentation may include photographs, video recordings, and audio recordings.  By my participation, I grant the ADTA complete, irrevocable, perpetual and unrestricted right to use materials; which contain images, audio, or video recording of me; in any form, in whole or in part, and for any lawful purpose, at its sole discretion without further consideration to me.”

“If, at any ADTA activity, I do not wish to be included in photographs, video or audio recordings, it is my responsibility to exit the area or group being documented or recorded.”

9. Severability

“If any term of this agreement is held to be invalid, void or unenforceable, I wish the term to be deemed severable from the remainder of this agreement and the remainder of the agreement to remain in full effect without impairment or invalidation.  Titles and section headings used in this agreement are for convenience only, and do not comprise, construct, or contribute to the terms of this agreement.”

10. Survivability

“It is my express intent that all of these terms shall bind, in the event of my disability or death, the members of my family, spouse, heirs, assigns, and/or personal representatives.  I establish this as a Release, Waiver, Discharge, and Convenant Not to Sue ADTA nor any individual or entity in any way connected with ADTA.”

11. Acceptance

“I have read all the terms of this agreement, understand them, and agree to them voluntarily of my own free act and deed.  No oral representation, statements or inducements apart from this written agreement have been made.  I am at least eighteen (18) years of age and fully competent to enter into this agreement.  I execute this agreement for full, adequate, and complete consideration, fully intending to be bound by it.”



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