ADTA Range Briefing Checklist

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This material is intended for use by the ADTA Range Safety Officer(s) (RSO) present at an ADTA dry-practice or live-fire event.  All ADTA members are welcome to review this information.

--revised 9/20/12 by Wu Chin

Range Orientation, Safety Briefing and Event Procedure Check List

Range Location:  ______________________________________________

Manager or staff on duty:  ____________________________Date:_______

Emergency contact/ Phone number:  _______________________________

Site Specific Emergency procedures if any:  _________________________


Safety Check:  (RSO)

__  Gun Safety Check - incoming shooters present, unload and show clear

General:  (Instructor)

__   Welcome
__   Overview of the events.
__   Introduces RSO

Four Basic Rules of Firearms:  (RSO)

1.  Treat every gun as if it is loaded
2.  Never point the gun at anything you are not willing to destroy
3.  Know your target and what is beyond it
4.  Never put your finger on the trigger until the gun is pointed downrange and you are ready to fire

Loading and Unloading:  (RSO)

__  Hot vs Cold Range  (eyes and ears, hats, guns holstered)
__  Revolver vs Semi auto (moon clips or strips, magazines)
__  Loading table (magazine only, no ammo in gun)
__  Loading on the line (make ready, tactical reload, emergency reload)
__  Unload (show clear and holster)

Firearm Handling:  (RSO)

__   Range and Facility lay out and limits to cone of fire
__   Spectator area
__   Gear storage
__   Loading area (Loading is OK anytime you are not on the firing line.)
__   When you are off the firing line, you are always “Cold” (no magazine in the well, chamber empty, hammer down, shown clear before exiting the firing line)
__   Firing area
__   Backstop/baffles/targets

Follow range commands:  (RSO)

__   ANYONE can say CEASE FIRE OR STOP!!  FREEZE immediately and index your trigger finger on the side of the pistol and wait for further instructions.

__   If there is a malfunction, keep the gun pointed downrange and raise your support hand.  RSO will give you instructions to clear or hold position.  (Especially if there is a potential for a hangfire.)

__  During training the RSO or instructor may touch your shoulders or arms as a “non verbal STOP”.  Cease firing and follow instructions. 

Hygiene guidelines:  (RSO)

__   Rest rooms and procedure (no guns in rest rooms)

__   Wash hands and face with cold and soapy water when using rest room, before going to lunch, and at the conclusion of the event. (Especially if it is hot outside and you’ll sweat.)

__   Refrain from eating and drinking, etc. or place hands in proximity to the mouth or nose while on the range or cleaning a gun.

__  Lead poisoning concerns through ingesting and absorption (especially pregnant women and young kids)

In case of emergency:  (RSO)

__   Assess severity
__   Call for help
__   Assign duties

Event Procedure:  (Instructor)

__  Briefing on events and scenarios
__  Walk through demonstration of drills and skills
__  Calls for start of exercises and leads class

Conclusion of Event:  (RSO)

__  Gun Safety Check:  At conclusion of events and still at firing line, shooters show clear and holster guns
__  At conclusion of events, range is cold, CPL holders may re-arm at a designated safe area prior to leaving range

After Action:  (RSO and Instructor)

__  Secure site (shooters help clean range and clear ADTA equipment)
__  Evaluate and document if necessary (injuries, safety violations)
__  Note good practices and needs for improvement
__  Email a short report to Safety Committee, cc instructor and event coordinator


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