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Live fire practice: Shooting on the move

Real-life defensive situations present themselves under pressure and without warning.  This live-fire practice session led by instructor Wu Chin gets you accustomed to reacting swiftly and accurately.  This type of training is one of the unique benefits of ADTA membership! 

Live fire practice: Shooting in low light

Many real-life defensive situations occur in low light.  But how often do you get to practice that?  In ADTA's low-light practice scenario you learn how to hold a flashlight while shooting accurately.  Led by instructor Chad Hiatt, this is one of our most popular events! 

Free public seminar: New shooter training

Do you want to learn to shoot?  Or brush up on your shooting skills?  Then you should attend ADTA's Introduction to Handguns training.  Part 1 is a FREE classroom session, open to the public, that lets you learn responsible gun handling in a safe and supportive environment.  Part 2 is a live-fire event held at the indoor range, helping you put your new skills to practical use.

Video - Federal Way Police Chief Andy Hwang speaks on Practical Self-Defense and Preparedness

Filmed by Stephanie Taylor at an ADTA Training Seminar.
Produced by Ed Streit.
This video runs just under an hour - definitely worth watching!

Federal Way Police Chief Andy Hwang visited ADTA to share his own perspectives, practical experience, advice, and tips for self-defense, applicable to everyone. His topics include:

· Crime Statistics: the realities of defense
· Use of Force in Self-Defense
· Mental Conditioning for Awareness, Action and Survival
· Pre-Attack Indicators: warning signs of an impending attack
· Active Shooter situations
· Personal Safety Tips
· Interactive session: Practice Unarmed Hand-to-Hand Skills

Video - How To Take Away A Gun Pointed At You

Filmed by Stephanie Taylor at an ADTA Training Seminar
Produced by Ed Streit

What should you do when someone points a gun at you?  The best outcome might be accomplished by taking away the gun.  Watch this video to learn the basic moves from ADTA Instructors Wu Chin and Chad Hiatt.  You don't need to know Karate to do this - all it takes is a little practice to make the moves automatic. 

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